SenS Interclean BV was founded in 1994 in Rijssen. The company of father and son Sanderman (SenS = Sanderman & Sanderman) started back then with the cleaning of cannisters of 20 liters. In 1997 the company moved to the site of Cleaning Twente in Hengelo. Since then the cleaning activities have increased a lot and IBC’s and barrels were also cleaned. At this moment SenS Interclean is one of the most professional packaging cleanings of the Netherlands.  

At SenS Interclean the following packagings can be cleaned:
•    Synthetic canister, 10 to 30 liters
•    Synthetic barrels, 60 to 200 liters
•    Synthetic IBC’s, 600 to 1200 liters
•    Stainless steel IBC’s

All packaging are cleaned by professional cleaners and with high tech equipment. SenS Intercleans goal is to get the packaging back to you as good as new. Service and good prices are the standard.

Opening hours 07.30-16.30. Loading and unloading 07.30-16.00



Certificaten Sens Interclean

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